Amalfi Travel Guide

Our stay in the Amalfi was my favorite part of our trip. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and our resort was amazing- we stayed at the NH Collection Resort in the city of Amalfi. The staff was so friendly- and had a bottle of champagne waiting for us on the balcony for our arrival.



We spent the majority of Day 1 in Amalfi (we spent two days total) exploring our resort- it was huge. And a lot of our time at the infinity pool that overlooked the coastline, we were both pretty exhausted from our time in Rome.


Our room was more modern than our first hotel in Rome- and had a bottle of champagne also waiting inside upon check in. We were also upgraded to a room that overlooked the coast with a balcony because it was our honeymoon (I recommend carrying a copy of your wedding invitation with you while you travel, as this will often happen if you mention you’r are honeymooning).


Our hotel had an awesome courtyard in the center- that dated all the way back to the 13th century- it felt like something out of a movie.


Dress: ASOS

We would highly recommend this resort to anyone traveling to the Amalfi coast- especially for a honeymoon. It felt like an all inclusive experience, and the staff went above and beyond.

I will post a follow up to this around our time exploring the town of Amalfi!


Vatican Travel Guide

For our Honeymoon Philip + I decided we wanted to do something international, and something we’ve always wanted to do (not to mention our Honeymoon felt like the right place to drop a good amount of $ on travel). So, with a lot of consideration + research we landed on doing an Italy trip! Rome was our first stop, and I wanted to share our experience there, as well as tips for anyone who will be traveling there/who is interested in traveling there in the future. The Vatican was our first stop!


We stayed in Rome a total of 3 nights (2 at the beginning of our trip, and 1 at the end). I personally would recommend splitting up your days there, as they will be full of A LOT of activity, and walking (make sure to pack comfortable shoes).

Our first stop was the Vatican. We opted for the group tour as we had heard that the line into the Vatican can be hours (and when we got there, they weren’t kidding). Tour guides will have separate line passes that can get you in with a very minimal wait time. For the Vatican there is a specific dress code,

  • Shoulders must be covered- aka no tanks
  • Knees must be covered

I opted for a long breezy skirt + a short sleeve shirt to stay cool, as our day was pretty warm. Overall we had a really positive experience at the Vatican (we went through Gartours and everything ran on time and smoothly) and would highly recommend it to check off of your bucket list.




Skirt: Abercrombie (dupe: ASOS) Blouse: Madewell Sandals: Target Bag: Chloe

Make sure you wear some sort of crossbody if you choose to take a bag, and ALWAYS KEEP IT CLOSE TO YOU. The Vatican area is known for pickpocketing and high theft rates because it is a large tourist population! I personally suggest taking a cardholder with ID/payment, etc. and. leave the bag behind as I was constantly worried about it. There is water inside the Vatican, so no need to bring your own.




I document all of our travel on my Instagram as well (@abbeykebe).



Our Wedding Day Aesthetic

Philip & I both had a very clear view on what we wanted our wedding day to look like. Industrial, Urban, Whimsical, Fun, and something that spoke to our taste. We were both adamant about having a unique space to share our reception in that didn’t feel like a standard ballroom (absolutely nothing wrong with ballrooms, just not our style!). I put together a lot of mood boards + saved a TON of pictures that inspired me (via Pinterest of course). I have linked my Wedding Planning board below!

Wedding Inspiration Pinterest Board

I knew that the aesthetic of our day was something important to me, that our photographer captured PERFECTLY (her info is linked to the bottom of this post). A few things that I did to create our aesthetic

  • Finding a space that fit our vibe (thank you VUE Columbus!). This calls for less $ spent towards decor when you already have a killer space.

  • Free flowing, garden style floral arrangements and bouquets

  • Greenery, EVERYWHERE (don’t let them fool you, it’s not any less expensive than flowers)

  • Consistent neutral typography

  • Unconventional food- hello tacos, chicken tenders and sliders!
  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses in shades of blush & taupe with a palette to help guide

  • Photo locations that fit our look + a photographers style that did as well

I will be doing a separate post linking individual items that I ordered for our big day!

Photographer: Lauren Anne Photography



Autumn Traditions

Gingham Flannel: J. Crew (dupe: J. Crew Factory)

Overalls: Abercrombie & Fitch

Utility Jacket: Penfield x Madewell

Jeans: Hollister Co.

Stripe Flannel: Madewell (dupe: Madewell)

Booties: Madewell

Tote: Madewell

Autumn is my absolute favorite season ever since I can remember. Growing up in Michigan the fall season was a magical time, everything was changing color, the air was cooler, and my family would soon be visiting for the Holidays. I get such a sense of nostalgia during this time of year.

Philip & I have gone to Lynd’s fruit farm in Columbus every year since we began dating, and I’m glad we are holding the tradition now that we’re MARRIED (but more to come on that later). Apple + pumpkin picking are the best, and I like to get the full experience, which obviously means dressing the part. Flannels are my fall go to (flannels…for fall? Groundbreaking), but J. Crew/Madewells flannels are life changing and the COZIEST. I’m pretty much still a child, so I love a good pair of overalls, and A&F always performs with their denim selection. I was SHOCKED that I was buying pieces from Hollister again bc tbh I hadn’t since like 2011, but I’m living for these paper bag jeans (+ they’re on sale for a steal!). My Madewell transport tote goes everywhere with me, but my monogram stamp feels a little outdated now that I have new initials! Maybe that’ll be my testimony as to why I need a new one….

Here’s to the best season around!



Bridal Shower Details

Dress: Lord & Taylor (Wayf)

We celebrated my final bridal shower this weekend and it could not have been more perfect. The setting & decor were stunning, my Mom and three sister in laws did an absolutely amazing job! Asterisk in Uptown Westerville had such a great table set up, and a perfect atmosphere. I was also extremely pleased with my shower dress that I ordered online (that’s now on sale!) it fit like a glove & was perfect for the August heat.



German Village

Romper: Zara (their new fall collection is AMAZE),

Sandals: J Crew (sold out on J Crews actual website),

Crossbody: Gatta Bags

The past week I have been craving Autumn like no other. It has always been my favorite season for a multitude of reasons, but I always find myself eagerly wishing for spring to retire and for fall to resurface. I’m sure in a couple of months I’ll be hating myself for saying this (cue 6 months of Ohio’s unbearable winter).

German Village has always been one of my favorite burrows of Columbus, especially during Autumn, but Summer also has its perks. The brick streets, unmatched small businesses and stunning old homes make it a must see. Philip & I frequent Katzingers Delicatesen and Stauf’s for lunch & the best coffee you will ever have. We stopped in at a local plant shop, Stump, and picked up our first plant to attempt to take care of (we’ve managed to keep Darby alive, so I’m feeling pretty confident). The staff was insanely friendly, there was a cute pup greeting us at the door, and our new Snake Plant came with a little guide on how to take care of it, so honestly if we kill it we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Here’s to Sundays!