Happy Galentine’s Day

Happy Galentine’s Day to all the ladies out there!

I’m kicking off this weekend of love by highlighting some of my favorite females out there who inspire me for a multitude of reasons, & hopefully will inspire you all as well.


  1. Kristen Bell

I’ve had a love for Kristen Bell ever since I heard her narrate the first episode of Gossip Girl. As an adult, I have grown to appreciate her advocacy for ending the stigma around mental health. Kristen openly speaks out against her battle with anxiety & depression, all while maintaining a humorous outlook on life with a smile on her face. She has also spoken out around her marriage to Dax Shepard, and his struggle with mental health as well as substance abuse and how that has affected their relationship in tie with raising a family.

  1. Gemma Chan

A true fashion icon, I look to  is Crazy Rich Asians star Gemma Chan for her feminine style inspiration. Gemma offers a perfect balance of bold looks, with classic and attainable trend and effortlessly nails every red carpet she graces. Gemma is well known for highlighting her love for classic British brands, like Burberry, and Jimmy Choo amongst other and is not afraid to take tasteful risk. This can be highlighted at arguably her best fashion moment with her hot pink, high volume Valentine gown at the 2019 Oscar’s.  She also snuck cookies into the award show that night, and I’m not sure if there’s anything I relate to more.

Image result for gemma chan black and white

  1. Sivan Ayla Richards

Not only does this LA based influencer run not one, but TWO businesses that practice ethical production, she balances this while documenting her life (primarily unfiltered) while raising a daughter. She successfully breaks the stereoptype, of the unattainable influencer by sharing the not so glamorous moments of her life as a Mom (i.e her messy home, baby tantrums, etc.). Sivan has also openly spoke to her struggles with her husband in her early twenties as he attended Law School, which is something I can certainly relate to during this period of my life, and how they have built their business model as partners into their thirties.

Image result for sivan ayla black and white

  1. Emilia Clark

Not only is she the mother of dragons, and queen of the blonde hair & brown eyebrows movement, but she scored her role on HBO’s Game of Thrones with almost no acting experience. Emilia has also endured multiple brain aneurysms during her acting career both on and off the show, while always speaking to her dedication towards her work. Classy + witty, she’s one of my favorite actresses of all time for her ability to light up a screen with her infectious personality.
Image result for emilia clarke black and white

  1. Christina Tosi

A fellow Ohio gal, I can’t love Christina Tosi enough solely for producing my favorite desserts on the planet for her New York based bakery chain Milk Bar. Her infamous crack pie is unmatched, and I have never loved a cookie more than her signature corn flake cookies. Christina refused to adhere to normal industry “rules” in the baking world, and developed her own model for success after being unsatisfied with local bakery options. An entrepreneur who shares her success model with others to help inspire young female business leaders is someone who deserves some recognition this Galentine’s Day!

Image result for christina tosi black and white

With that, I hope you have a great holiday, and are able to celebrate all of the amazing women out there today!

GRL PWR, always.


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