I’m all about spreading a positive message here on Abbey’s Road, and thought I would share some of my cruelty-free (aka products that do not involve any form of animal experimentation/testing) beauty favorites for this Earth Day (a day late..).


Resurrection Aromatique Hand Cream – Aesop

The best hand cream I’ve ever used- this has a perfect, natural smell and is great for dry skin while traveling.


Ocean Salt Scrub – Lush

I use this as my primary face exfoliant (once a week in the shower) and it does wonders for my skin. The glow I get after using this scrub is one I haven’t found from any other product. Another benefit of Lush products is their recycling program for empty containers- recycle 5 empty containers and you receive a free face mask!


Super Pure Serum – Glossier

Not to be dramatic, but Glossier has saved my skin. This serum has completely eliminated my stress/hormone induced breakouts and leaves my skin SO soft. I utilize this every morning prior to my moisturizer, and then use my jade roller to ensure it is absorbed into my pores.


Organic Coconut Oil- Trader Joes

The best cheap hair mask, I lather coconut in oil once every two weeks, let it sit for 30 minutes to an hour, and then rinse out amongst my normal hair routine in the shower. I try to do this on the weekend, ideally when I don’t have anything going on in the morning, as it can leave your hair a little greasy.


Complexion Rescue Cream- Bare Minerals

I love this tinted moisturizer for the gym, pool, or any place where I don’t need a lot of coverage. I also use this as my primary face SPF in the summer. It goes on light and quickly while fixing eye bags and discoloration.


Translucent Loose Setting Powder- Laura Mercier

My go to setting powder after a full face of makeup. This keeps my makeup looking perfect all day, and feels nice and light.


Herbal Body Moisturizer- Hempz

Hempz is my favorite fragrant lotion, and I typically use it post shower for the extra moisture and amazing scent. I also love their travel sized lotions for an on the go body moisturizer.


Miracle Leave In Product – It’s a 10

This stuff is pure gold in a bottle. I initially received this from my hair dresser to help fix my dry and broken hair post constantly bleaching it, and boy does it work. This is a leave in conditioner that goes into damp hair, that I then comb through with my wet brush. The smell is amazing, and it leaves my hair SO soft. I highly recommend getting this from a licensed beauty professional/salon, they typically water down/change the formula in hair products when they are sold in stores.


Aloe and Rosewater Facial Spray- Mario Badescu

This spray lives up to it’s social media famous hype. To be 100% honest, I have tried other Mario Badescu face masks in the past that left me unsatisfied, but I love this spray for a mist of moisture on a hot day. I will also use this on a relaxing no makeup day to help hydrate my skin.


Dream Cream- Lush

Another Lush favorite, I honestly wish I could buy their Dream Cream by the gallon. I use  this constantly. I have naturally dry skin, from my body to my face, and this stuff does wonders! The earthy oat bases scent is perfection, and I love using post shaving to help avoid redness + razor burn, and post spray tans to help lock my color in.








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