As promised, here is a follow up from my initial post around our trip to the Amalfi Coast. On our second day we were able to explore the town of Amalfi more in depth and I fell even more in love.

We had to take our resorts shuttle down to the main town square due to the windy nature of the roads in Amalfi (DO NOT TRY TO WALK- you will break your ankle, or get hit by a Vespa). Our first stop was a boardwalk/walkway that overlooked the water + the cliffside residences/businesses.




Dress: Boohoo – Available in Petite + Tall size ranges. My pink/white combo is no longer available, but they do have a black and white option

We then walked over to the Piazza Del Duomo of Amalfi where there were multiple shops/restaurants to indulge in (hello more gelato!). Within this area is also the Amalfi Cathedral which is STUNNING.

I also highly recommend anything with lemon in it when traveling to the Amalfi. There are lemon groves all over the place for fresh treats.

Overall it is a photography lovers dream, every inch of the town is worthy of a photo. A couple of my favorite spots specifically for Instagram photo ops were the umbrella lined beaches (you typically have to pay for a chair, but are able to roam the beach freely- this is where the featured photo of this post was taken).





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