Amalfi Travel Guide

Our stay in the Amalfi was my favorite part of our trip. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and our resort was amazing- we stayed at the NH Collection Resort in the city of Amalfi. The staff was so friendly- and had a bottle of champagne waiting for us on the balcony for our arrival.

We spent the majority of Day 1 in Amalfi (we spent two days total) exploring our resort- it was huge. And a lot of our time at the infinity pool that overlooked the coastline, we were both pretty exhausted from our time in Rome.

Our room was more modern than our first hotel in Rome- and had a bottle of champagne also waiting inside upon check in. We were also upgraded to a room that overlooked the coast with a balcony because it was our honeymoon (I recommend carrying a copy of your wedding invitation with you while you travel, as this will often happen if you mention you’r are honeymooning).


Our hotel had an awesome courtyard in the center- that dated all the way back to the 13th century- it felt like something out of a movie.


Dress: ASOS

We would highly recommend this resort to anyone traveling to the Amalfi coast- especially for a honeymoon. It felt like an all inclusive experience, and the staff went above and beyond.

I will post a follow up to this around our time exploring the town of Amalfi!


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