Vatican Travel Guide

For our Honeymoon Philip + I decided we wanted to do something international, and something we’ve always wanted to do (not to mention our Honeymoon felt like the right place to drop a good amount of $ on travel). So, with a lot of consideration + research we landed on doing an Italy trip! Rome was our first stop, and I wanted to share our experience there, as well as tips for anyone who will be traveling there/who is interested in traveling there in the future. The Vatican was our first stop!


We stayed in Rome a total of 3 nights (2 at the beginning of our trip, and 1 at the end). I personally would recommend splitting up your days there, as they will be full of A LOT of activity, and walking (make sure to pack comfortable shoes).

Our first stop was the Vatican. We opted for the group tour as we had heard that the line into the Vatican can be hours (and when we got there, they weren’t kidding). Tour guides will have separate line passes that can get you in with a very minimal wait time. For the Vatican there is a specific dress code,

  • Shoulders must be covered- aka no tanks
  • Knees must be covered

I opted for a long breezy skirt + a short sleeve shirt to stay cool, as our day was pretty warm. Overall we had a really positive experience at the Vatican (we went through Gartours and everything ran on time and smoothly) and would highly recommend it to check off of your bucket list.



Skirt: Abercrombie (dupe: ASOS) Blouse: Madewell Sandals: Target Bag: Chloe

Make sure you wear some sort of crossbody if you choose to take a bag, and ALWAYS KEEP IT CLOSE TO YOU. The Vatican area is known for pickpocketing and high theft rates because it is a large tourist population! I personally suggest taking a cardholder with ID/payment, etc. and. leave the bag behind as I was constantly worried about it. There is water inside the Vatican, so no need to bring your own.


43569471_10210338010845069_4948745572824645632_n    43530742_10210338009045024_3248289379487055872_n

I document all of our travel on my Instagram as well (@abbeykebe).


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