Our Wedding Day Aesthetic

Philip & I both had a very clear view on what we wanted our wedding day to look like. Industrial, Urban, Whimsical, Fun, and something that spoke to our taste. We were both adamant about having a unique space to share our reception in that didn’t feel like a standard ballroom (absolutely nothing wrong with ballrooms, just not our style!). I put together a lot of mood boards + saved a TON of pictures that inspired me (via Pinterest of course). I have linked my Wedding Planning board below!

Wedding Inspiration Pinterest Board

I knew that the aesthetic of our day was something important to me, that our photographer captured PERFECTLY (her info is linked to the bottom of this post). A few things that I did to create our aesthetic

  • Finding a space that fit our vibe (thank you VUE Columbus!). This calls for less $ spent towards decor when you already have a killer space.

  • Free flowing, garden style floral arrangements and bouquets

  • Greenery, EVERYWHERE (don’t let them fool you, it’s not any less expensive than flowers)

  • Consistent neutral typography

  • Unconventional food- hello tacos, chicken tenders and sliders!
  • Mismatched bridesmaid dresses in shades of blush & taupe with a palette to help guide

  • Photo locations that fit our look + a photographers style that did as well

I will be doing a separate post linking individual items that I ordered for our big day!

Photographer: Lauren Anne Photography



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